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Upcoming events

    • 30 Mar 2019
    • 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
    • New Canaan Library (Plaut Room)


    SATURDAY, MARCH 30, 2019  

    11AM – 1PM



    Somatic Experiencing (SE) is a body-oriented approach to the treatment of trauma developed by Peter Levine. The emphasis is on healing the dysregulated nervous system rather than on talking, medication or the narrative.  Vincent will discuss the various lenses a SE practitioner uses such as Steven Porges’s Polyvagal Theory, co regulation, vagal tone and other current ideas in neurophysiology and healing.

    Vincent will offer a clinical presentation and a demonstration of his work.  CSPP members and psychoanalysts Janice Curran, Nancy Bottger and Barbara Keefe will discuss how they use SE in their therapy practices.

    Vincent Fraser is a Somatic Experiencing practitioner, Craniosacral therapist, and certified Alexander Technique teacher.  He treats patients suffering from physical, emotional and sexual trauma. In addition, he helps people, including musicians and actors, suffering with neck/back pain, fibromyalgia, postural concerns, injuries, headaches and autism.

    WHERE: New Canaan Library (Plaut Room)

    WHEN:  Saturday, March 30th

    HOURS: 11-1

    RSVP**:    Susanne Weil   




    • 04 Apr 2019
    • 06 Apr 2019
    • Philadelphia, PA

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    1. Deep, clear, and continuing to sound or ring;

    2. Having the ability to evoke enduring images, memories or emotions.

    Psychoanalysis is a craft which seeks to continually discover, recognize and liberate the deep voices within us all which resonate through our individual lives and help shape our collective experience. Within the analytic relationship, voices which have been sequestered, muted or overly dominant may be known in a way which brings forth the possibility of creating something new, even as past trauma is witnessed and mourned. All of this occurs in a context of a deepening appreciation of differences which coexist with the overlapping experience and unique features of identity: race, gender, class, sexuality, ethnicity, physical abilities and spirituality. Coming to an authentic experience of mutuality is a journey within these facets of our shared experience as well as the settings and cultural contexts which shape how we live, work, and come to know ourselves and one another, through the experience of collision and conflict, and the attainment of greater harmonic accord.

    Our program will take place in Philadelphia, a city rich in a history of foundational events in the life of our nation, as well as a complex multicultural urban landscape. This is a city which resonates with many communities of vibrancy and challenge, where trauma coexists with deeply felt passion and creativity. One of Philadelphia’s most powerful witness to diversity is the Mural Arts Project, in which the lives, commitments and creativity of so many of our citizens are celebrated. This project is but one of the cultural expressions in Philadelphia that forms the landscape for our reflection of how psychoanalysis continues to be a unique means of understanding and enriching our intersecting experiences.

    For more details and to register go to: www.division39springmeeting.com/

    For questions regarding the program, email Joseph Schaller, PsyD and Matthew Whitehead, PsyD, Co-Chairs, at div39springmeeting2019@gmail.com

    For questions regarding logistics, email Natalie Lewis, Conference Coordinator at div39phila@natalieshear.com


    • 07 Apr 2019
    • 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
    • Home of Dean Leone
    • 6

    New Haven Region Mini-Meeting

    Sunday, April 7

    1 - 3 pm

    "Surfing the Mind-Body Interface"

    Presenter: Jenifer Nields, MD

    When a patient’s clinical presentation is complicated by chronic medical illness, how can we tease apart effects of illness from psychological/psychodynamic processes? Or are there times when we can’t when they are inextricably intertwined? Chronic illness can lead to PTSD; PTSD can predispose to illness; inflammatory cytokines create clinical depression...

    Dr. Nields will present two illustrative cases, one where the medical illness created patterns of behavior and emotional reactivity that mimicked a narcissistic personality disorder; and another where a head trauma precipitated symptoms of PTSD, linked to childhood trauma. (In the latter case a psychodynamic approach was particularly helpful. ) In both cases, symptoms due to Lyme disease infection complicated the clinical picture, and brought these patients into treatment.

    Group discussion will follow the interests of the attendees. We can discuss analogous cases in their own practices and/or Dr. Nields will gladly offer background on the phenomenology, biology and psychological effects of central nervous system Lyme disease infection, on the physiology of trauma, and/or the work of Stephen Porges on the polyvagal theory or Ian McEwan on PTSD and resilience.

    This presentation will be a modified version of a talk for the annual Columbia Psychosomatics conference, and another for a meeting of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy.

    Dr Nields is an assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at the Yale University School of Medicine where she supervises residents in

    long-term psychodynamic psychotherapy. She has published numerous articles and book chapters on neuropsychiatric Lyme disease, as well as articles on psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, and religion, and  is a member of the national Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry. She has a particular interest in mind-body interactions, the psychological effects of chronic illness, and the factors that contribute to resilience. She is a certified neurofeedback practitioner as well as a psychotherapist in Fairfield, Connecticut.

    • 04 May 2019
    • 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
    • New Haven Lawn Club

    The Connecticut Society for Psychoanalytic Psychology


    Ghislaine Boulanger

    Topic: Psychoanalytic Consultation in Community Clinics

    Saturday May 4, 2019

    10:30 am – 12:30 pm
    The New Haven Lawn Club
    193 Whitney Ave, New Haven

    Lunch will follow for all attendees



    Dr Ghislaine Boulanger 


    The New Haven Lawn Club

    193 Whitney Ave, New Haven

    Conference Schedule

    10:00 – 10:30 Registration and Continental Breakfast

    10:30 – 12:30 Presentation

    12:30  –  1:30  Lunch for All Attendees

    To Register and Pay

    Register and pay online with your credit card or paypal.  

    To pay by check, print and fill out the registration form and mail with your check to Conference Registrar, Matt Brennan, LCSW, 738 Townsend Ave, New Haven, CT 06512 Mailed registrations must be postmarked by March 4 to qualify for early registration discount.

    Refunds will be given in full if the Conference Registrar, Matt Brennan, LCSW, is contacted at Matt Brennan no later than the Monday before the conference.

    Click HERE for MS Word version of the mail in registration form. 

    Members - remember to log in to register as a member.

    Recommended Readings

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    The conference is appropriate for professionals interested in the practice of psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy. The instructional level of this conference is intermediate.

    Learning Objectives

    Participants will learn:


    Continuing Education

    This conference has been approved for for 2 continuing education hours (NASW & Div. 39)

    Division 39 is committed to accessibility and non-discrimination in its continuing education activities. Participants are asked to be aware of needs for privacy and confidentiality throughout the program. If program content becomes stressful, participants are encouraged to process these feelings during discussion periods. If participants have special needs, we will attempt to accommodate them.

    Please address questions, concerns and any complaints to Ellen Nasper, PhD, at Ellen Nasper.

    Art: Street art, Pilsen neighborhood, Chicago.  

    • 18 May 2019
    • 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
    • Unitarian Universalist Church, Westport, CT


    SATURDAY, MAY 18, 2019  

    2 PM – 4 PM



    Climate Psychology Alliance (CPA) is an international organization working to increase awareness of our unfolding climate crisis using various depth psychologies.  As members of CPA, and leaders of the newly formed Climate Psychology Alliance North America (CPA-NA), Elizabeth and Merritt will discuss the global climate emergency as perceived through many lenses, including the economic, the socio-cultural, the psychoanalytic, and field theory, which sees us as inextricably linked to all seemingly separate elements within a gestalt.  The following questions will be discussed:

    • (1)   How can we begin to acknowledge our intersubjectivity within the natural world?
    • (2)   How can we, as mental health professionals, help our patients acknowledge, mitigate and adapt to the growing climate crisis?
    • (3)    How can we find peace with our voluntary and involuntary participation in a system that is causing the climate crisis?

    Elizabeth is a psychologist/psychoanalyst practicing in Port Washington, NY.  She is on the teaching faculty at the Suffolk Institute, and at Adelphi University’s postgraduate programs in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy.  She has published papers on the relationship between mental health and the nonhuman environment, and has been presenting ideas about this relationship at international conferences since 2007. 

    Merritt is a clinician working to promote positive attachment outcomes and encourage reflective functioning in mother-infant dyads in the Minding the Baby program at Family Centers in Stamford and Greenwich.  Merritt holds a particular interest in the mind-body and social-psycho impacts of climate change on mothers and children.

    WHERE: Westport Unitarian Church

    RSVP:    Susanne Weil   



    • 02 Nov 2019
    • 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM
    • New Haven Lawn Club

    Narcissistic Knots:

    Challenges and Impasses

    Speakers: Otto Kernberg, MD

    Diana Diamond, PhD

    Frank Yeomans, MD

    Moderator: Jill Delaney, MSW

    This conference is cosponsored by: 

    The Connecticut Society for Psychoanalytic Psychology, and 

    The Western New England Psychoanalytic Society

    November 2, 2019

    8:30 AM - 3:00 PM

    At the New Haven Lawn Club

    The conference will focus on working with difficult clinical issues using the Transference Focused Psychotherapy (TFP) model.

    Details to follow.

Past events

23 Mar 2019 Hartford Region; "Psychodynamics of Addiction: Treatment Within a Harm Reduction Model", Presented by Dean Leone, PhD
16 Mar 2019 Clinical Conference: Ingi Soliman "The Refugee Experience: Illness vs. Resilience"
06 Mar 2019 Hartford County Region Coffee & Conversation Meeting
01 Mar 2019 Informal Gathering - All CSPP Members are Invited
20 Feb 2019 Hartford County Region Coffee & Conversation Meeting
26 Jan 2019 Clinical Conference: Jessica Benjamin:"More Than One Can Live”: Reconceiving Harm and Reparation in the Intersubjective World
20 Jan 2019 Fairfield Region Film Club will discuss: "Marnie", by Alfred Hitchcock
12 Jan 2019 Fairfield Region Mini-Meeting: "Brain Circuitry Targeted Psychosocial Treatment for Bipolar Disorder" Speaker: Dr. Hilary Blumberg
14 Dec 2018 Fairfield Region Holiday Party and Networking Gathering
01 Dec 2018 Clinical Conference: Mary-Joan Gerson: The “Present” in Couples Therapy: Moments of Transformation
17 Nov 2018 Fairfield Region Planning Meeting for a Peer Study/Supervision Group
11 Nov 2018 Fairfield County: Group for Child & Adolescent Therapists
11 Nov 2018 New Haven Mini-Meeting: Ellen Nasper, PhD: “Integrating DBT methods and psychodynamic theory with individual patients in private practice”
03 Nov 2018 Hartford Region Coffee & Conversation
24 Oct 2018 Hartford Region Coffee & Conversation
14 Oct 2018 Fairfield County Film Club's Fall Meeting
10 Oct 2018 Hartford Region Coffee & Conversation
29 Sep 2018 Clinical Conference: Steve Kuchuck – On The Limitations of Love: Desire and Loss in Psychoanalysis
02 Jun 2018 Fairfield Region Mini Meeting: "Art, Creativity, and Psychoanalysis: Aesthetic Perspectives on Psychoanalytic Treatment"
20 May 2018 Fairfield Region Film Club: "Phantom Thread"
12 May 2018 New Haven Region Meeting: Ira Moses, PhD: "Beyond the Surface: The Psychodynamic Challenges of Once A Week Sessions"
05 May 2018 Clinical Conference: Kathryn White, PhD "What the Thunder Said: Experiencing Creative Expression in the Healing of Childhood Trauma"
22 Apr 2018 Fairfield Region Meeting: Grete Laine: “Thwarted Developmental Yearnings: Cumulative Trauma and its Sequelae"
18 Mar 2018 New Haven Region Meeting: Dean Leone, PhD: Psychodynamics of Addiction: Treatment Within a Harm Reduction Model
10 Mar 2018 Clinical Conference: Deborah Luepnitz, PhD Topic: The Name of the Piggle: Rereading Winnicott in Light of Conversations with the Adult
04 Mar 2018 Fairfield County Film Club: Psychoanalysis at the Movies: "Mother"
02 Mar 2018 Attachment Conference: "Enhancing Attachment Bonds in Clinical, Community, Family and Educational Settings"
18 Feb 2018 Hartford Region's "Meet-and-Greet"
27 Jan 2018 Fairfield County Mini-Meeting: What’s New in Psychopharm, with Hassan Minhas MD
20 Jan 2018 Clinical Conference: Daniel Shaw, LCSW Topic: Traumatic Narcissism: Relational Systems of Subjugation
14 Jan 2018 New Haven Region's Cinema & Psychoanalysis: The Netflix original film “The Meyerowitz Stories”
17 Dec 2017 Fairfield County Film Club will be discussing "Separate Tables"
10 Dec 2017 Through An/Other Lens: Multicultural Perspectives
02 Dec 2017 Clinical Conference: Anton Hart, PhD Opening Up Subjects of Difference
12 Nov 2017 New Haven Region's Cinema & Psychoanalysis will discuss the film "Mother!"
12 Nov 2017 Socio-Political Group Meeting
08 Oct 2017 The Fairfield County Film Club will discuss the film “Julieta”
16 Sep 2017 Clinical Conference: Jonathan Shay, PhD Topic:  Moral Injury
18 Jun 2017 Fairfield Region's Psychoanalysis and Film series will be discussing: "Moonlight"
11 Jun 2017 The Diversity Work Group is offering a workshop on: "A Day in the Life of a Syrian Refugee"
10 Jun 2017 Fairfield Region Mini-Meeting: "Learning from our Patients: Living with and Recovering from Borderline Personality Disorder"
21 May 2017 Fairfield Region: Sharon Farber, PhD will discuss her book: “Celebrating The Wounded Healer Psychotherapist: Pain, Post -Traumatic Growth, And Self-Disclosure”
06 May 2017 Clinical Conference: Maria Elena Oliva, LCSW "A Healing Journey of the Bilingual Self: In Search of the Language of the Heart"
23 Apr 2017 New Haven Region Cinema and Psychoanalysis: "Fences"
09 Apr 2017 Thinking of Starting a Group?
02 Apr 2017 Fairfield County Film Club Program: "Elle"
25 Mar 2017 Nancy McWilliams: Self-Defeating Patterns and Personalities: Implications for Psychotherapy"
18 Mar 2017 New Haven Region Mini-Meeting: Jill Delaney, LCSW "Transference Focused Psychotherapy for Borderline patients"
25 Feb 2017 Fairfield County Special Program: Clinical Case Workshop
04 Feb 2017 The Diversity Committee's Series "Through An/Other Lens: Multicultural Perspectives" presents: "Uncomfortable conversations: a Discussion of Robin DiAngelo's "White Fragility"
28 Jan 2017 Clinical Conference: Richard Chefetz, MD "Dissociative Processes and Working with Chronic Shame"
15 Jan 2017 Fairfield County Film Club: "Indignation"
10 Dec 2016 Clinical Conference: Gurmeet Kanwal "Individuation - Becoming a Person Elsewhere
13 Nov 2016 Diversity Committee Workshop: The Inner Lives of Gender Non-Conforming and Transgender Youth, with Nancy Meyer Lustman, Ph.D.
12 Nov 2016 New Haven Region Mini-Meeting: "We Were Lost in Familiar Places"
23 Oct 2016 Clinical Workshop with Michael Feldman
23 Oct 2016 Clinical Workshop with Eileen McGinley
22 Oct 2016 Clinical Workshop with Eileen McGinley
22 Oct 2016 Clinical Workshop with Michael Feldman
22 Oct 2016 CSPP/WNEPS Joint Conference, with Michael Feldman: "Responding to Narcissism"
24 Sep 2016 Clinical Conference: Galit Atlas, PhD, "The Enigma of Desire"
07 May 2016 Clinical Conference: Norka Malberg, PhD
12 Mar 2016 Clinical Conference: Jane Tillman, PhD The Effect of Patient Suicide on Clinicians
06 Mar 2016 The Fairfield Region Film Club will discuss "Steve Jobs"
14 Feb 2016 New Haven Region Mini-Meeting with Barbara Marcus, PhD: "Working with Erotic Transferences: The Clinical Challenge of Otherness"
06 Feb 2016 Clinical Conference: Melanie Suchet, PhD Exploring Race from the Inside
17 Jan 2016 The Fairfield County Film Club
06 Dec 2015 Fairfield County Film Club: "Stories We Tell"
14 Nov 2015 Diversity Committee Workshop: Loretta Staples, LCSW: "Both & Neither: Biracial Identities"
04 Nov 2015 Hartford Region Mixer
31 Oct 2015 Clinical Conference: Judith Kantrowitz, PhD: Inevitable Intersubjectivities; Case Presentation by Susanne Weil, LCSW
19 Sep 2015 Suzanne Iasenza, PhD
16 May 2015 Mindfulness in Psychoanalysis and Meditation. Edward Ryan, PhD
11 Apr 2015 Genderqueer: One Family's Experience with Gender Variance. Presenters: Lisa Marcus PhD, Kenneth Marcus MD, Sara Yaxte, BA
15 Mar 2015 Psychoanalysis and the Cinema, Film Discussion: BOYHOOD
07 Feb 2015 Making room in one's mind for a child: How brain and mind change with parenthood. Presenter: Linda Mayes, MD
13 Dec 2014 Through An/Other Lens: Multicultural Perspectives Presenter: Nakia Hamlett, PhD, Rachel Torello, PsyD, Maria Elena Oliva, LCSW, PhD candidate
22 Nov 2014 Reconsidering Men and Masculinities: Developmental Conundrums and Clinical Quandaries Presenters: Michael J. Diamond, PhD, Donald Moss, MD, Sidney Phillips, MD
08 Nov 2014 Complexity Matters: Cultural Identity from a Psychoanalytic Perspective. Usha Tummala-Narra, PhD
06 Sep 2014 Body to Body. Toward a new theory of body development: Counter-transference and the therapist’s body. Susie Orbach, PhD
10 May 2014 Miriam Steele, PhD: Resolving Trauma by Enhancing Reflective Functioning: An Attachment Perspective.
22 Mar 2014 Clinical Conference: Irwin Hirsch on Narcissism, Mania, and Analysts' Envy of Patients
08 Feb 2014 Legal Issues in Clinical Practice: Jeffrey Pingpank, JD
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