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Board Structure

Current *Elected and Appointed Positions

and Committee Members


* Interim President Dean Leone

* President Elect: Mary Pioli (In absentia 2020-2021)


* Recording Secretary: Rebecca Jordan

* Treasurer: Nellie Fillippopoulos

            Ryan Ochoa

            Lynn Sussman

* Governance Committee Chair Elaine Hunter

            Rebecca Jordan

            Mary Daly

* Membership Development Coordinator: Mary Daly

       Nominating Committee  Nancy Sacher (Interim 2020-21)

            Mary Pioli

            Ellen Nasper

            Nellie Fillipopolous

            Susanne Weil

Committee for Equity & Diversity Education and Action -- Mary Daly

            Donna DiCello
            Carrie Christensen 
            Abigail Tischler 
            Jian Shen 
            Noka Zador 
            Ellen Nasper 

            Rita McCleary 
            Morel Alexander 
            Sarah Gersick 
            Constance Catrone 
            Amy Goldfarb
            Susanne Weil 

            Wendy Stewart 

Membership Committee Chair -- Ashley Warner

            Wendy Stewart

            George Hageman

            Jill Delaney 

Community Outreach Coordinator--Matt Bukowski

Early Career Committee Chair -- Donna DiCello

            Elaine Hunter

           Tatiana Martinez

Scholarship Program Manager -- Anne Dembensk

* Communications Coordinator: Bri Pollock

Website Co-Managers:

            Kathryn White

            Elaine Hunter

            Carrie Christensen

Facebook Manager -- Carla Baker

Listserv Manager -- Jian Shen

Newsletter Editor -- TBD

Media Relations -- Sara Gersick

Registrar -- Matt Bukowski

Historian – Wendy Stewart

* Coordinator of Educational Programs:  Dean Leone

           Clinical Conference Chair -- Ellen Nasper

            Bri Pollock

            Mary Daly

            Kathryn White

            Karen Steinberg-Gallucci

            Elizabeth Tobin Brown 

Regional Reps

            George Hagman,  Fairfield

            Rita McCleary, New Haven

            Bri Pollock, Hartford

            Ann Singer, New London

CEU Coordinator -- Nir Yehudai


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