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Scholarship Program

The Connecticut Society for
Psychoanalytic Psychology 
Scholarship Program

The Scholarship Program’s Mission

The CSPP Scholarship Program has been established to extend opportunities to a broad audience of mental health professionals who have not had extensive exposure to or training in psychoanalytic theory and practice.  

Scholarship Details

The scholarship will entitle recipients to register without charge for a full calendar year of clinical conferences. Candidates must have a strong interest in learning more about various psychoanalytic theories and practices and how this knowledge might apply to their own work. They must have, or be working toward a graduate degree in one of the mental health professions or in education. A candidate does not have to be a member of CSPP to apply for this scholarship. 

The Application Process

Candidates must email the following three documents to the Scholarship Program Manager (see below):

1.   A cover letter discussing their interest in incorporating psychoanalytic theory into their clinical work, and what approaches have been of interest that they wish to expand upon. It is recommended that applicants discuss their efforts to utilize psychoanalytic principles as part of broadening their awareness of diversity and multicultural differences.

2.  A resume. It is strongly recommended for applicants provide a brief description of clinical job duties, what populations they have primarily worked with, and any research/outreach projects they have been involved in (if applicable).

3.  A letter of recommendation, to include the following information:

            a.  How long have you known the candidate?

            b.  In what capacity?

            c.  How has the candidate demonstrated their interest in psychoanalytic thinking and practice?

            d.  How do you think the candidate will benefit from this opportunity?

Applications should be sent to William Hartman, PhD and will be accepted from October 15 through December 1. Once received, applications will be reviewed by the CSPP Nomination Committee, which is charged with overseeing the scholarship program. Recipients will be notified on or around January 7th.  

William Hartman, PhD

Scholarship Program Manager

Note – If applicants prefer to send application materials by postal mail, please email  William Hartman, PhD .

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